Getting help using the FBIS platform

We are so pleased that you are using FBIS! The site offers a broad range of features which we have documented in the user guide. If you want a quick start introduction to FBIS, check out the walk-through video of the platform. Lastly, although we try hard to provide you with a seamless experience, you may at times encounter an issue with the site. If you do encounter such an issue, please report it on our issue tracker and we will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible!


FBIS Testing site

For practicing the workflows for capturing data on FBIS, please use the FBIS Testing site. Here you can add "dummy" data as the data are overwritten with a mirror image of the FBIS Live (production) site every week. The same login works of both FBIS Live and FBIS Testing.

Available here: FBIS Testing Site


Click the image below to view the user manual.



We have also created a series of instructional videos that highlight how to carry out key tasks on the FBIS.


1. Introduction to key FBIS components

2. Filtering data

3. Overview of spatial layers

4. Single and multi-site dashboards

5. Single and multi-site SASS dashboards

6. Taxon dashboard

7. Exporting graphs and CSV files

8. Adding a site

9. Adding biodiversity data

10. Adding SASS data


All issues are public and available through Github