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Peer-reviewed scientific article

The importance of estuary head waters as nursery areas for young estuary- and marine-spawned fishes in temperate South Africa

Source : Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

2011 Ryan Wasserman & NA Strydom

Peer-reviewed scientific article

The effects of instream barriers on the distribution of migratory marine-spawned fishes in the lower reaches of the Sundays River, South Africa

Source : Water SA

2011 Ryan Wasserman, OLF Weyl & NA Strydom

Peer-reviewed scientific article

The effect of largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides on aquatic macro-invertebrate communities in the Wit River, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Source : African Journal of Aquatic Science

2010 Philip Weyl, M P Hill, OLF Weyl & Ferdinand de Moor

Peer-reviewed scientific article

Phylogeny and biogeography of the genus Pseudobarbus (Cyprinidae): Shedding light on the drainage history of rivers associated with the Cape Floristic Region

Source : Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

2009 Ernst Swartz, Paul Skelton & Paulette Bloomer


Rivers Database 2015

Source : Rivers Database 2015

2015 -

Published report or thesis

A baseline survey of channel geomorphology with particular reference to the effects of sediment characteristics on ecosystem health in the Tsitsa River, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Source : MSc Thesis, Rhodes University, South Africa

2017 Nicholaus Huchzermeyer

Published report or thesis

Assessment of the Groot River, Meiringspoort following Diesel contamination: 1st monitoring report

Source : Baseline Report prepared for Envirosure Underwriting Mangers (Pty) Ltd.

2018 Justine Ewart-Smith & Riaan van der Walt

Unpublished data

Collected on FRC Living Labs field camp, overseen by JM Shelton.

Source : Collected on FRC Living Labs field camp, overseen by JM Shelton.

- -

Peer-reviewed scientific article

Evaluating the effectiveness of freshwater fishes as bio-indicators for urban impacts in the Crocodile (West) catchment, South Africa

Source : Water SA

2019 Jonathan C Levin, Darragh Woodford & Gavin C Snow

Peer-reviewed scientific article

Hydrobiological studies of the Great Berg River, Western Cape Province. Part 1. General description of chemical studies and main features of the flora and fauna.

Source : Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa Vol 35. Part 3: pp.125-226.

1958 A.D. Harrison & J.F Elsworth

Peer-reviewed scientific article

Downstream effects of a small impoundment on a turbid river.

Source : Bontebok 5 42-51.

1990 Rob Palmer & J.H. O'Keeffe

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